Oregon: Truck Driver Arrested in Multi-Vehicle Freeway Crash CCTV Footage

Recently, there is news shared about a terrible crash that happened on Interstate 5 in western Oregon. This crash incident news gathered a lot of attention and popularity on the news and internet sites. Now, the police shared that they detained the driver of a semi-truck that slammed into a passenger van on the suspension of manslaughter and some other charges. This news is spreading like wildfire on social media pages and making a storm on the internet. Lots of questions were raised related to the suspect and about this car incident. Let us know more about this crash and the suspect in this article, so read continuously and completely.

Truck Driver Arrested in Multi-Vehicle Freeway

According to the Oregon State Police statement, It is shared that eleven people were inside the van when this incident occurred. A total of seven people passed away in this terrible crash in which six died at the incident place and one died after being airlifted to a hospital while the other four were injured badly. This tragic crash incident took place on Interstate 5 in Oregon Thursday afternoon 18 May 2023 at just after 02:00 pm between Salem and Albany in the northbound lanes close to the Santiam River Rest Area. In this crash, two semi-trucks and a passenger van were involved in the crash.

Oregon: Truck Driver Arrested

After this crash, the police began an investigation and detained Lincoln Clayton Smith on suspicion of reckless driving, manslaughter, assault, and driving under the influence of intoxicants. He is currently 52 years and a resident of North Highlands. He was arrested on Friday 19 May 2023 just a day after this crash. Currently, he is sent to the Marion County Jail but he didn’t make any appearance in court and it is not confined whether he had an attorney or not. The northbound lanes of I-5 were closed for a few hours as the investigation is ongoing and later reopened on Thursday night. Scroll down to know more about this crash.

The exact cause behind this crash is still not revealed while the police are continuing thier investigation. The dead individuals were not identified yet and not much information has been shared related to this incident. We will update our article after getting more information related to this crash and mention it in our article. The cases of crashes are increasing day by day and many times the cause of crashes is said as drinking and driving. Stay tuned to to read more articles on the latest news topics.

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