Orlando Florida Nigh Club Attack Gay Club Shooting 50 Dead Pledged ISIS Allegiance

Orlando Florida Nigh Club Attack Gay Club Shooting 50 Dead Pledged ISIS Allegiance :- According to the Florida updated report wherein the Orlando, Florida Night Club Pulse Gay Mass where a gunman attack on the day where at Least 50 Dead in the Shooting, the Suspect are detected which is Pledged Allegiance to ISIS.

Officials repot,At Least 50 Dead in Orlando Gay Club Shooting, Suspect Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

The officially announced by The FBI where it said the ISIS Omar Mateen “are organized it and well-prepared for it “.

from the Florida latest news the situation where that location A police officer are working in the club and exchanged fire than Omar Mateen are seeing from the outside of the club at 2:02 a.m. and after that he’s entered the club.

After that, he’s seen all the hostage in the club. where the 320 people inside that Florida club at that time where Omar Marteen are entered

According to the FbI policeman, the SWAT team are decided that save all people who’re inside the night club and then approximately 5 A.M. the swat team has killed that gunman but there is 11 policemen are injured and 50 people are dead in this case.

Around the time approximately 5:53 a.m. The Orlando police are tweeted, “finally, we kill that shooter and it’s in the Florida nightclub but dead,”

There were Omar Mateen’s parents were his born in The Afghanistan, and he’s always “on the U.S. radar” and U.S. officially says we are a target of his for the specific investigation.

IN “Orlando’s Premier Gay Night Club” which is in the Orlando, Florida and where 50 people are dead by the gunman and it’s from ISIS where its officially announced and Florida SWAT team save the 270 people in the club but 50 dead.

“The Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings in a news conference and said: how can we came that it’s a domestic terrorist.

And Afer the incident day, The U.S. President Obama said: “it’s an act of terror with an act of hate.” and called the Omar Mateen are the person who filled with lots of hatred.”