Over 1,000 Dance Robots, sets Guinness World Record

Over 1,000 Dance Robots, sets Guinness World Record : WOW! It’s an another massive World Record which is registered in Guinness World Record, Which is total 1,000 robots dance sets and It was organized by Qingdao-based Ever Win Company.

1,000 robots dance sets Guinness record

According to the source reports, A fresh Guinness World Record for the largest robots dancing concurrently has been set in China country where totally 1,007 robots shimmied in unison, approximately double the past Guinness World record. However, several robots were barred because they did not dance, although the bulk of the manufacturing dance troupe performed the 60 second round in perfect unison.

Where the effort was made by china Qingdao-based Ever Win Company which nearly doubled the past record of 540 dancing robots which was achieved ahead this year 2016 through Chinese company UBTECH Robotics Corp.

1,000 robots dance sets Guinness record

Additionally, The Guinness World Records announced that Each of the 43.8 cm tall dancing robots at the Qingdao Beer Festival was managed using simply one mobile phone and they had to dance for a whole minute in order to count towards the record result. It’s a great creativity comes from the company , Where made the so many dancing robots and operates all those with a mobile phone and Bluetooth devices.

The Administrator Guinness World Records umpire Angela Wu confirmed the unique record on the section.

Also, Chief Technology Officer of Ever Win Company, Quan Jinyou told that the robots were provided with a specific encryption technology to overcome radio frequency result from nearby mobile phones and Quan also that, it’s a huge achievement for us to make a Guinness World Record, Where 1,000 robots dance sets and it’s a totally double from the previous Guinness World Record and we did it.