Padmavati makes Deepika Padukone the Highest paid Actress of Bollywood

Deepika Padukone the Highest paid Actress of Bollywood : Deepika Padukone’s pay is set to give makers a hiccup. The 30-year-old lady has all the causes to grin this Diwali, Christmas, and every fest. From a successful 2015, we came to know that Deepika has hiked her package by 2 crores. Yes, she is now happily charging a hilarious amount of 15 crores for her new ventures. This has further addressed her as the highest paid actress in Bollywood according to Forbes. Of course, she earns every penny of it as she shone in Piku, Tamasha, and Bajirao Mastani. While Bollywood’s Diva is stepping her way to the edges, she has overhauled Kangana Ranaut, who earlier prevailed as the highest paid heroine, with an amount of 11 crores.



All heads rolled on the big puzzle of how much Bollywood Divas get rewarded ever since Kangana came out firmly against the variation in the paychecks contrasted to their male equivalents in the production last year. While the discussion did hike their pays up by few crores, the distinction still lingers pretty plausibly.


Kangana became the highest paid actress after inking a movie for 11 crores. And now, Deepika has entered the queen phrase. She is said to be crediting the same for advertisements too. This bit of news came out a day later she becomes 30. Really a birthday giveaway! After all, Deepika won the souls of both her audience in 2015. But while we praise the heroine for her job, have you ever imagine about the personality like Salman Khan, the highest paid actor in Bollywood Regime? It’s five times of Deepika- Rs 60 crores!


But the ladies of the B’town demands for the equal pay as the pay has a huge difference in the comparison to males in the town.

“Remuneration has changed but if you compare it with what the men get it is still very different. But I would say let’s not compare it because just five per cent of these films are being made. I think we will get our due. We are slowly moving towards that.” – Vidya Balan