Pakistan: 10 People Killed & 14 Injured In Roadside Bomb Blast Near A Hospital In Quetta

Pakistan: 10 People Killed & 14 Injured In Roadside Bomb Blast Near A Hospital In Quetta :- Around 10 people killed and at least 14 people were injured when a roadside bomb targeting a judge, exploded near a hospital in Quetta in southwestern Balochistan province, Pakistan. This is the second bomb attack within a week. About 3 or 4 days ago a deadly attack killed 75 people killed and more than 115 injured in the same area.71a10b13-78f6-4fd9-9533-92f9b6fd3848

The blast occured when a vehicle belonging to the Anti-Terrorism Force accompanying the vehicle of Justice Zahoor Shahwani was hit at Zarghon road, Quetta in Baluchistan.

Home Minister of Balochistan Sarfaraz Bugti said that the judge escaped safely from the bomb attack but one of the security vehicles escorting him was damaged.

The bomb was planted by the terrorists along the side of the road and exploded as the vehicle of Anti-Terrorism Force passed by.

According to sources of rescue officials that 10 civilians killed and 4 security officials were injured in the bomb attack, with two in critical condition, near Al Khair Hospital in the capital of Balochistan.

The Dawn reported that The blast was so powerful that it also shattered windows of nearby buildings.

Shahzada Farhat who is the Police spokesman said that passers-by and some police officers were injured in the blast.

A team of bomb disposal squad and security forces reached the spot to collect the evidence. Rescue teams moved the injured to nearby hospitals immediately.

The local Police sealed the area because a search operation went under way.

‘Destroying the I-Day activities’

Condemning the attack strongly, Mr Bugati said that This is a busy road and the terrorists take advantage of this, planting the bombs and fleeing on motorcycles.

The minister said that These blasts are aimed at destroying the Independence Day activities in Balochistan. I believe that these cowardly acts will not bring down our morale. We are in a disputed zone and we will fight with renewed resolve.


He said that We are reviewing our security measures and you will see the changes on the ground.

3 to 4 kg explosives used

Mr. Bugti said that 3 to 4 kilograms of explosive material was used in the blast.

A combing operation is ongoing throughout Quetta following the blast occurred on Monday.