Pakistan Committed to release Indian soldier who crossed LoC

Pakistan Committed to release Indian soldier who crossed LoC :- New Delhi: On Thursday, Minister of State of Defence – Subash Bhamre said that Indian Soldier Chandu Chavan who crossed the Line of Control (LoC) inadvertently will be soon released.


Ina statement, Subash Bhamre said that Pakistan admitted that Chandu Chavan is alive & after inquiry, they will soon release him after inquiry. Two day ago, when Subhash spoke to Pak DGMO, then the Pak DGMO said that the enquiry is getting over and will soon release Chandu. We are trying at the level of DGMO.

ChanduChavan is the soldier with the Rashtriya Rifiles in Kashmir. He had crossed the LoC (Line of Control) on 29th September after the surgical strike by Government. The brother of Chandu Chavan – Bhushan Chavan who was also in the armed forces is trying hard to get his brother back from them. On 28th November 2016, Maleeha Lodhi who is the permanent representative of Pakistan to United Nations tweeted to Bhushan saying, “@bhushan19101989 let me see what I can do. This is a humanitarian issue (sic),” he had tweeted with the picture of a letter to Lodhi requesting her to release his brother after a long time happened that he crossed the border.

A tweet conversation happens between the brother of Chandu – Bhushan and the Media told that She acknowledged my concern, she called it a humanitarian issue. Chandu must be getting tortured in Pakistan. He needs to be rescued. I have written to the PMO, Sushma Swaraj and the defense minister of India, We are worried they will torture him, and tell him lies that the army does not care about him.

The Army had been unable to get Chandu Chavan released from Pakistan after he crossed the LoC which is after the Surgical Strike by Government. However, all the Indian army had repeatedly said that there was no connection for him to cross the border with a surgical strike which is over.