Dusshera: Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif Seen In Amritsar Will Be Burnt With The Effigies Of Ravana

Dusshera: Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif Seen In Amritsar Will Be Burnt With The Effigies Of Ravana :- Today, the people of India is celebrating the Dusshera festival. This festival symbol of victory of good over evil. But this time one more effigy will be seen along with the effigy of Raavan, Meghnad and Kumbhkaran in Punjab.


This time, the local BJP leadership in Amritsar, has decided to burn four effigies. In addition to the three effigies of Ravan, Meghnad and Kumbhkaran, the local BJP unit has got an additional effigy prepared, that of Pakistan.
Cabinet Minister and Senior BJP leader – Anil Joshi said that the fourth effigy of Pakistan would be burnt along with the other three. He said that Dussehra is celebrated as a symbol of the victory of good over evil. He further said that we want to give a strong message to the terrorists and Pakistan.
The fourth effigy draped in Pakistan’s national flag has pictures of PM Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan Army chief General Rahil Sharif and Lashkar leader Hafiz Sayeed. 

After the Uri attack, the people in India are in very angry mood. Everyone ask PM Modi to attack on Pakistan and destroyed it. But PM Modi said that the culprits will not be escaped without the punishment. After two weeks of Uri Attack, the Indian Army conducted a surgical strike in Pakistan along the LoC in PoK and killed atleast 40 terrorists including 2 Pakistani army soldiers. 
So, people today burn the effigy of PM Nawaz Sharif, Hafiz Saeed and Army chief of Pakistan General Rahil Sharif along with the three effigy of Raavan, Meghnath and Kumbhkaran. 
The people of India want to give a message to those who look at India with evil eyes.