Pakistani University will celebrate Sisters’ Day on Valentine’s Day

Pakistani University will celebrate Sisters’ Day on Valentine’s Day: Well, yeah you are reading it right a Pakistani university will celebrate Sisters’ Day on February 14 in the place of Valentine’s Day. Some reports are indicating that they are trying to increase the Islamic culture in the place of trendy western culture. Also, they are trying to revive their own old culture and you all might already know that the Islam is against the Western culture as it is destroying their own culture.

Pakistan university rebrands Valentine’s Day as ‘Sister’s Day’

Some reports suggested that the Pakistani University is trying to destroy the freedom of people in a very right way. No, we aren’t kidding. Actually who we are? Huh! Now, in this sister’s day you all can gift your fellow female classmate’s scarves and Abayahs (clothes) as decided by Vice Chancellor. Yeah! If it is a Sister’s Day then you don’t have to right to pick your own favourite gift.

As per the reports, Vice Chancellor Zafar Iqbal Randhawa of University of Agriculture in Faisalabad and other decision makers came down as one in this decision. Also, you all should know that they have said, “Compatible with Pakistan’s culture and Islam.” Overall, it is a good way to kill the mind set of youth. I mean how a romantic day can ruin any tradition at all. February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day across the world but Pakistan doesn’t like it.

Also, the reports are coming that he said that he was not sure if his suggestion to celebrate Sisters’ Day “would click or not”. Yeah! I mean of course not. He already had said that Muslims have turned Valentine’s Day into a threat, “My thinking is that if there is a threat, convert it into an opportunity”. Overall, it is great news for everyone in Pakistan buys a gift and gives it to your sister.