Pakistan’s PEMRA ban sale of Indian DTH antennas, crackdown on illegal airing of Indian channels

After the Indian government installed a transmitter in J&K and boosted the signal capacity of All India Radio. now the radio programmes are flawless audible across Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Punjab province in Pakistan. To counter this move of the Indian government and as a response to the increasing popularity of AIR, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority(PEMRA) has banned the Indian channels through the DTH service.

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There is another reason to banned the Indian channels in Pakistan that the India Government gave its nod to All India Radio to broadcast the programmes in balochi language.

ANI had earlier reported that the government gave its nod to the state-owned radio broadcaster to include Balochi language among the 14 foreign languages that it currently broadcasts in on Wednesday.

Chairman of PEMRA Absar Alam said that the Indian channels has no landing rights in the country. He said that there are more than 3 million DTH consumers in the country and that the DTH consumption began during the era of Musharraf.

Alam said that a ban has begun against the illegal transfer of funds for DTH services to India from Pakistan.

He said that Laws governing foreign content broadcasts in the country were being violated, but now a complete clampdown has been enforced.

PEMRA has written to the center, the Federal Board of Revenue, Governor state Bank of Pakistan and provincial governments in this regard. Chairman Alam requested cable operators to comply with the decision voluntarily, after the 15th October a crackdown will be launched against those not complying with the ban.