Panasonic Magical Megaphone: Multi Language Speech Translation System

Panasonic Magical Megaphone: Multi Language Speech Translation System :  The Japanese company – Panasonic company has developed a megaphone which can be used as a translator of several other languages. The device is named as ‘Magical Megaphone  or in simple, it is a Multi Language Speech Translation System. The device will automatically translate to the multiple languages.


This device help foreigners and other language people. Most of the  places do follow the making an announcement or instruction in English only but not all of them would be doing the same. So, this magical megaphone will be more helpful. Panasonic has released the voice translator to the smart technology market.

Magical Megaphone will translate the user’s voices into multiple languages. The device is called as – The Megahonyaku. It listens for Japanese input and plays back phrases in Korean, Chinese, and English.  The Panasonic company has only loaded only around 300 set phrases but later you can connect to the Internet to anytime.

The Panasonic company is targeting the corporate customers with a goal of getting about 10,000 unit contracts for the Magical Megaphone in the coming fiscal year 2018. The availability of the device go, the company is planning to start offering the megaphone from 20th December for less than ¥ 20,000.