Pangu launched Jail break for latest version iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3

Pangu launched Jail break for latest version iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3 :- For months now Apple users were eagerly waiting for the Jail break and Pangu has finally released the latest version for iOS 9.2 and 9.33 users. This latest tool will aid the apple users to break their current iOS.


Announcement for this news has been made on twitter depicting that a new tool is developed by the Pangu so as to break the current iOS and they will be soon launching this tool. But there are rumors that Chinese has already downloaded a Chinese version and even are using the same.

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Pangu team has been popular for developing Jailbreak for previous iOS versions and news for this jailbreak has come right after when the rumors are surrounding the internet of apple unveiling their latest iOS version i.e iOS 10. On their official page team also mentioned that this jail break will only be supported by 64 bit devices.

Which devices will support JailBreak?

There are range of devices that team claims to be support Jail break like iPhone 5S, iPad Touch 6G, iPad Mini 2 and other latest devices by apple.

Be alert!!!

Though Apple users already know the process of rooting their device but this time Pangu has released additional safety instructions asking the users to be extremely cautious while rooting the apple device. And the reason for this warning is that Pangu has change the model of Jail break so the probability is quite high that many of the tweaks won’t work on the iOS 9.2- 9.33 version which was earlier being supported on other version. So

So team has asked the users to make sure that whether they have taken the back up of the data or not, during the installation of the tweaks.

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Team also added that they have successfully tested their tool but even after that they will ask the users to be prudent and make sure to have the back up of the data before starting the whole process of rooting.

Jail Break losing its charm:

Over the years Jail break have seen the decline in the user base and the reason for it is that apple has sensed the users problems and made their handset more liberal in terms that they can now easily download the various apps and games which were next to impossible in its previous versions like Apple 3G or 3GS.

We would not suggest our readers to use the Jail breaking tool but if you think you have access to all exclusive apps which you may not find in your apple app store then you may go ahead.