Watch Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 12 Video Today Tasks Who Get Eliminated Dump

Watch Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 12 Video Today Tasks Who Get Eliminated Dump : In last episode of MTV Splitsvilla Subuhi Joshi become 2nd time queen of the house after the tough bar dance competition with Mia. Today is 12th episode of Sunny Leone’s MTV Splitsvilla in which she was wearing brown one piece dress with white stripes and looks quiet hot. In today’s show Paras and Price fight took place. Subuhi Joshi and Issan date each other. Where, Issan propose hot Subuhi Joshi and both dance each other on song Fanny Re. Now below get complete details of MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 12.

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Splitsvilla 8 Episode 12

Karan says that Zaan can challenge any one boy and get himself saved by winning a task. The one who wins the competition will be saved from the dumping ground. Zaan chooses Ishaan. The name of the task was Macho Full Fightcompetition. Zaan was in full force. The rest of the contestants were surprised to see such side of Zaan. Physically Ishaan looks stronger but Zaan proved it all wrong.

Ishaan almost gave up but the female contestants cheered him up. They actually wanted Zaan to go to the dumping ground. Zaan performed really well and proved to be a strong contestant. He changed the impression everyone had for him. Sunny and Karan were proud of him!

Amaad and Ishaan are in dumping zone. It was time for the boys to impress the wicked queen Subuhi. The best part, queen genuinely likes Ishaan and that clearly came out during the date. Ishaan proposed Subuhi and it is clear who could be saved.

The dumping ground brings lot of surprises for the contestants. No matter how strong your connection is, it can get messed up. This time the argument happened between the wicked queen Subuhi and Amaad who was in danger zone. This was something that shouldn’t have happened as it is not going to do anything good for Amaad. But Sunny brings in a surprise that could help Amaad.

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MTV Splitsvilla 05 Sep 2015 Episode 12 Video Highlights Details

  • Paras & Prince Fight.
  • Subuhi Joshi and Issan date each other.
  • Queen Subuhi brawl with Amaad Pinto.