Pari Cancel Her Marriage! Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2016 Episode Written Update

Pari Cancel Her Marriage! Mere Angne Mein 7th March 2016 Episode Written Update : The last night episode of the TV series starts with Nandu calling Mohit and Preeti received the phone. They have some chit-chat now. Riya comes home and tells Kaushalya that she did all the work. Shanti asks videographer to take Riya’s video and also taunts Riya by saying she is the main person. Riya gets annoyed and leave for the Sharmili’s house.

Mere Angne Mein

Sharmili says she is not well, I will rest, but she is worry about the arrangements. Sharmili asked about Raghav and Amit. And also wants to know is Amit get job. Sharmili feels embarrassment. As everybody were saying Raghav need to job now. Now Sarla meet with Bansi and she said to Bansi that she is worry. Bansi asked to Sarla that dont need to be worry.

Everything will be fine. Pari argue with Sanjeev to give gift to Preeti. Sanjeev doesn’t want Preeti to give anything but Pari explain him and Sanjeev give his nod. Now Sharmili sees Vyom happy and talks to him about Preeti.

Pari comes and Vyom’s smile goes. Now Sharmili wish to talk with Pari but Pari argues with Sharmili. Sharmili gets angry. Sharmili asks her to get lost, Vyom is ready, and he will come. Pari goes.

Shivam and family arrive at Sinha house. Sujeev and Nimmi give each other angry stare. Nimmi and Pari argue.

Sharmili greets everyone. Sujeev says I will go and bring Vyom. Sharmili tells Raghav that she is glad to meet him. Now Sarla is worries so calls Pari. She asks Pari to meet everyone, its Preeti’s marriage too. Sharmili says I told her to help you, but Pari loves comforts here and does not go out of home.

Now Mohit try to call Preeti as Mohit says Preeti is only mine and I can’t lose her. Now Sharmili asked for the Puja ceremony to start and Sarla offer 1 lakh rupees to Sharmili in the Puja.

Pari gets call from Shanti. She tells Shanti that everything is going on fine. Shanti says this is what I wanted. Pari asked how we will do the drama. Shanti says to her that we are having some interesting point to do the drama.

And to create havoc in the Puja ceremony Shanti gives gifts of the Saaree in the black color. Sharmili sees black Saree and says black color as Abshagun. Sharmili get anxious to see so.

Precap: Pari blames Riya for insulting her in-laws and doing this Abshagun. She cancels the marriage.