Parineeti Chopra pays a tribute to her Sister, dances on “Desi Girl”

Parineeti Chopra pays a tribute to her Sister, dances on “Desi Girl” : Earlier we had told you that the Dream team tour in underway in the US, where the numbers of Bollywood stars are going to performance live in the five chosen cities of the US.



The dream team compromises of Bollywood stars like Katrina Kaif, Varun Dhawan, Parineeti Chora, Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar, Siddharth Malhotra and music sensation Badshah.

All the stars are in the US to perform live to popularise the Bollywood projects in all over the world. Also, there were rumours that Priyanka Chopra was also approached to be the part of this Dream tour but due to her hectic schedule, she denied.

But, her sister Parineeti Chopra does not let the audience miss the Desi girl as she Chopra gave the tribute to her beloved sister Priyanka Chopra while performing in the Houston.

Parineeti performed on the dance tracks of her sister, and the most beloved performance was on the song ” Desi Girl” from the movie “Dostana.”

Well, after performing on her sister’s dance track, Parineeti Chopra took the Twitter and posted the picture of her dance performance in which she was wearing the same silver saree that Priyanka wore in the song Desi Girl. Parineeti asked opinion from her sister for her performance.

She wrote on her twitter handle that ” my tribute to the original desi girl and wearing this saree was empowering. Mimi di do you approve?”


Well, Priyanka just like a proud and responsive sister took the twitter and appreciated the work of her sister. She wrote on her twitter handle that ” Love it baby and it was so empowering. Can’t wait to see your performance.”

Well, Parineeti Copra has completely changed after being fit and we would hope that she continues to perform like this and make not only her sister but the whole Indian community proud.