Paris Attacks Suspect Refused End To 24/7 Jail Cell Surveillance

Paris Attacks Suspect Refused End To 24/7 Jail Cell Surveillance :- A French judge rejected a request which was lodged by a lawyer for Salah Abdeslam, where his request that the jail guard ends the continuous on the video surveillance of the only recognized survivor of an organization of Islamist protesters who murdered 130 people in the Paris in the last November 2015.

Paris Attacks Suspect Refused End To 24.7 Jail Cell Surveillance

According to the reports, Where the lawyer of the Islamic protesters Salah Abdeslam who killed the around 130 people in the Paris nation, who has been kept in separate control and watched 24*7 time by spy camera at tight security prison adjacent the Paris country and after that he was arrested in Belgium then he was transferred from the Belgium to France earlier in this year and also he present in France.

In the west of Paris, Where the judge at the Versailles court is refused the request of the 130 people killed Islamic protester Salah Abdeslam due to human rights.

Also, the lawyer of the Salah Abdeslam in a press conference, Where he said that Salah Abdeslam is not in a good condition to declare the subject of his privacy in the jail which is also under the human rights and respect his privacy in the jail to closed the 24/7 on cameras that surrounding him.

The French governments doubt him of presenting at least a portion in their logistical system.

130 people killed Salah Abdeslam was feeling out of France and final to Belgium, his nation of residence, by car in the moments following the multiple strikes by the protesters.

Also, Islamic protester Salah Abdeslam was transported to France some weeks before simply declined to speak to analysts in a first discussion about the shootings. The Versailles court’s decision came moments following a Tunisian citizen of Nice killed at least 84 people via Exhaust a truck into Bastille Day circles.