How Did Parm Daliwal Die? Cause Of Death, Former BC Junior Hockey Team Player Obituary & Funeral Updates

How Did Parm Daliwal Die? Cause Of Death, Former BC Junior Hockey Team Player Obituary & Funeral Updates:- With sorrow, we are sharing the sad news with you that Parm Dhaliwal who was a young hockey player passed away on 30th July 2022 on Saturday at the age of 23. His death news was confirmed by his father to Global news after that his death news was shared by the BC Hockey League on Twitter. People are shocked after listening to his passing as he was the youngest and best player in hockey. This news has gone viral and people want to know the cause of his death and many more things which we have mentioned below. So, let’s have a look.

How Did Parm Daliwal Die? Cause Of Death, Former BC Junior Hockey Team Player Obituary & Funeral Updates

Who Was Parm Dhaliwal?

He was born in 1999 and was just 23 years old. He was the best player in hockey and his hard work brings an opportunity in which he gets a chance to join the BCHockey league community. As per the report, he played hockey at Yale Hockey academy which is in Abbotsford. At this age, he achieved a lot of things, he was signed by the Warriors in 2016 just after he played two games with Chilliwack Chiefs. He was the assistant captain from 2018-2019 and he participated in 148 games scoring 38 goals and achieving 82 assists.

How Did Parm Dhaliwal Die?

As per information, he passed away on 30th July 2022 and he was found dead in his hotel room in New York City. As information given by the source, he was located by employees in Hyatt Grand Central Hotel and he was found dead in his room. The cause of his death is not revealed till now the police were called to the location and they are investigating on this case. His death news has shattered many of his fans and his family & relatives. We will update you when officers will give updates on this news.

Parm Dhaliwal Obituary & Funeral

As many of his family members and relative want to join him and give him the last tribute at his funeral so his obituary details were shared by his family so that everyone can give him tribute. The obituary will be held on 7th August at 10 am on Sunday at Riverside Funeral Home 7410 Hopcott Rd, Deta Bc. After that 12 pm at Dukh Nivaran Gurudwara 15255 68 Avenue, Surrey BC. If anyone has any problem reaching the venue two contact numbers of his family members are also mentioned in that tweet. We have shared the post above so you can have a look.

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