Passenger jet slips off runway, 1,800 flights cancelled during heavy snow

Passenger jet slips off runway, 1,800 flights cancelled during heavy snow: National Weather Service meteorologist Marc Chenard reported on Monday that a band of winter weather enlarging from Maryland to Maine dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of New England.

Passenger jet slides off runway as 1,800 flights cancelled amid heavy snow

The condition become more worse for the travellers as nearly 1,800 airline flights were cancelled and the heavy snow was also blamed for wounding to five people after a commuter jet slipped off a snowy runway in northern Maine, compelling the airport to close.

A pilot as well as four passengers suffered slight wounds when the United Express flight which is a 50-seat Embaraer 145, turned off the runway at Presque Isle International Airport, in northern Maine, around 150 miles east of Canada’s Quebec City, on arrival at nearby 11:30 a.m., the airport said on Facebook.

The Airport said that all five were transported to close Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital where the treatment was held and then after treatment they were released. The plane was damaged and would stay in place till Federal Aviation Administration executives possibly will evaluate the scene and sight.

The airport said “At this time, the airport is closed and officials are currently in discussions with the National Transportation Safety Board to determine when the runway will be reopened”.

A band of winter weather extending from Maryland to Maine deserted more than a foot of snow on parts of New England, comprising 15 inches (38 cm) overnight on downtown Boston, National Weather Service meteorologist Marc Chenard reported.

New York City was past the worst the worst of the late-winter storm, even though Mayor Bill de Blasio took the exceptional step of shutting down the city’s huge public school system and New Jersey Transit cancelled about a dozen trains on its extensive traveller structure.

As the snow totals in New York were less than projected, the parents criticized the mayor on social media that he had exaggerated. The mayor on the other hand safeguarded his decision on closing the school through his twitter account.

Mr de Blasio tweeted, “We put safety first when we make a call on closing school. The overnight storm had more rain and less snow than forecasted. We know it’s tough for working parents – that’s why we made an early decision so New Yorkers could plan”.

The adverse weather condition led more than 1,700 flights being cancelled on Monday and additional 4,500 were postponed, as per the flight tracking website

Also the Government offices and libraries in Boston were shut down. In New Jersey, where Governor Phil Murphy announced a state of emergency in advance of the storm, state workers had a two-hour postponement.

Commuting challenges may possibly rise in the approaching days as snow melt down and temperatures drop then there will be icing over roadways.

The National Weather Service’s Chenard said, “Each day is a little bit cooler”. He further added by saying that observing the week’s highest temperatures for the Northeast will be in the low 30s (1 C).

He said, “You’ll get some melting during the day, especially when the sun is hitting the snow, and then at night it’s going to be cold enough to refreeze. Any road surfaces that aren’t treated, certainly could get icy at night into the morning.”