People Checked off During the Speech of PM Modi in Gujarat!!!

People Checked off During the Speech of PM Modi in Gujarat!!! :- Well, Prime minister of India “Narendra Modi” took his election campaign for the BJP on a serious note when he kicked off his two days visit to Gujarat on Saturday. As per the sources reports, everything was going fine when suddenly while addressing the gathering in Chotila, near Rajkot in the state people started checking off from the venue and in the midway through his speech, a lot of people leave from the venue.

Sources are saying that this is the first time when people leave his speech in middle in that big numbers. Also, the reports are coming that this affected the whole image of BJP and the elections are near and it can affect everything. However, Times of India who tweeted about this whole situation later deleted this tweet before keeping it live for few hours.

PM Modi in Gujarat

While in Rajkot, PM Modi laid the foundation stone of new Rajkot airport by unveiling a digital plaque at a ceremony organized at Chotila. He asked the people gathered at the venue, “Had Chotila, Surendranagar ever thought there’ll be an airport here? Do you believe this is development? Do you like it?” “Development used to take place earlier also.

A neta will install a hand-pump and ask people to help him win elections. We laid giant pipes (under SAUNI project). Surendranagar to benefit the most from Narmada project as it’ll get more water,” Modi was quoted by Indian Express.