What is the perception of India and Indians in Croatia?

If you are looking to migrate to any country in the world, one of the things you would be interested in knowing is the perception of the people in your preferred country about your current country. Perceptions about other people across have changed a lot in recent years.

India is a huge country that has many different cultural groups. The perception that people outside India have about the country varies from one country to another. In Europe, you will find many Europeans identifying India with things like spices, vast traditions, sporting abilities and many other things. In Croatia, most people probably don’t have enough information about the people of India. You will, therefore, find a lot of people who have varying views about the country of India and its people. In general, though, most Croatians might have positive opinions about India. These are the most common perceptions of India and Indians in Croatia. 


As a big country, India is known all over the world. Even though most Croatians have never interacted with an actual Indian, they will most likely tell you a thing or two about the vastness and diversity of India. The internet has provided people all over the world with an access to different cultures without them having to travel out of the country. Most Croatians will, therefore, most probably experience Indian culture through the internet and not through actual Indians. This means that their perception may not be accurate. Nevertheless, the past few years have seen some globally popular Indian films expose most people to the country. A typical Croatian will therefore easily tell you that they are aware of the English influence in India. Beyond that though, the details about the society itself will be scant.

Society and Economy

Most Croatians have no personal connections with any Indian. They, however, have an access to the society and culture of India through the media. As you would expect, most Croatians readily know of the difference in economy between countries in Europe and the rest of the world. It is thus fair to expect that Croatians have a modest opinion of the Indian economy itself. In terms of the opinion on society, the English influence plays a big role in what Croatians think of Indians. India is one of the most formidable teams in the world of Cricket. This is a fact that is unlikely to pass most observant people. It would also not be surprising to see Croatians expecting Indians to be well-versed with the English language. Other than that, some of the most known facts about India is its diversity in people groups. This means that much of what Croatians learn in school about India revolves around the diversity of the country.

Indians in Croatia

indian-tourist-sunsetIn 2018, there are definitely more Indians in Croatia than ever before. The spread of information and globalization have contributed to the sharing of information between different cultures. Today, you can find many Indians who visit Croatia for tourism purposes but end up staying there permanently. The fact that some popular TV shows have showcased some areas of Croatia to the world is enough reason to bring tourists. There are many Indians who have settled in cities like Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Beyond tourism, a lot of factors have drawn Indians to Croatia. The relatively affordable rates of living in this country are particularly attractive to most foreigners. There are indeed many Indian forex traders who moved to Croatia and live there till date.

Final words

The perception that Croatians have about Indians in 2018 is generally positive. Most young people are particularly more versed in world affairs and are open-minded because of the internet. It is thus unlikely to find people from any part of the world who still believe generic stereotypes about a whole race or population. While Croatia is not the most popular country of all in Europe, it is still one of the top destinations for travelers from all over the world. As an Indian, you can thus expect to be treated with an open mind by most Croatians. As with any other human nation, you will likely attract attention as a foreigner. The attention will nevertheless be out of curious but friendly intentions.