Petrol Prices Break Through Rs 100/litre Mark in Rajasthan, First Time Ever In India

For the ninth following day, the prices of petrol as well as diesel is moving upward without any pause and now the prices have reached their peak height on Wednesday. As per to the available data stated on the website of Indian Oil Corporation, the petrol prices has finally broken through the Rs 100 per litre mark this week.

Petrol Price in India

Check Latest Petrol Price in India

On February 17, the country has been hit by the highest regular petrol prices ever i.e. Rs 100.13 a litre. This upsurge in the petrol prices has been witnessed in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar, where the state-run fuel stations are selling petrol for Rs 100.13 a litre. Compared to the prices of petrol a day before, the prices have been hiked to 26 paise, whereas the prices of diesel are hiked 27 paise and are now retailing diesel at Rs 92.13 per litre.

Talking about the petrol prices in the nation’s capital, Delhi, it has been retailed at Rs 89.54 per litre, which has also broken the record and touched the new height. At the same time, Delhi is also retailing diesel at the price of Rs 79.95 per litre, both diesel and petrol has registered a 25 paise upsurge comparing to their prices on the earlier day.

Now coming to Mumbai’s petrol prices, it is also not far away to reach Rs 100 mark and have been currently retailed at Rs 96 per litre. This upsurge has also witnessed a 25 paise hike comparing to its prices of yesterday. Its diesel prices have also touched Rs 86.98 per litre mark after witnessing 26 paise hike over the earlier day.

Here is the Petrol and Diesel Prices (Rs/litre) in several states/cities in India, as of February 17, 2021. You can also check out the prices of the same in your area by visiting the official site of Indian Oil Corporation.

Sri Ganganagar₹ 100.13/litre₹ 92.13/litre
New Delhi₹ 89.54/litre₹ 79.95/litre
Mumbai₹ 96.00/litre₹ 86.98/litre
Kolkata₹ 90.78/litre₹ 83.54/litre
Chennai₹ 91.68/litre₹ 85.01/litre
Bengaluru₹ 92.54/litre₹ 84.75/litre

For those who are not aware of the fuel prices, these usually vary from state to state. The taxes that have been imposed on them are mainly by the central and also the state governments. Among other states in the country, Rajasthan is the one that imposes the highest VAT on fuel in India and had the highest petrol as well as diesel prices. Earlier last month, the state had also cut down the VAT on petrol as well as diesel by 2 per cent.

In spite of this, the state has still the highest VAT at 36% along with Rs 1,500/ Kilolitre road cess, particularly on the petrol. On the other hand, Rajasthan imposes 26% and Rs 1,750/ Kilolitre road cess on diesel, as per to the recent news report.

In addition, the Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan last week had stated in the Rajya Sabha that the government was not presently looking at slashing down the taxes on petrol as well as on diesel.

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