Philippines Banned Pokemon Go In Government Offices

Philippines Banned Pokemon Go In Government Offices :- After facing a ban by several countries, Philippines is next in the list as it has banned Pokemon Go in government offices. The popular addictive game is making a bad impact on productivity hence, following similar judgment by Southeast Asian neighbors the Philippines decided to limit the game.


The Civil Service Commission (CSC), in a report by broadcast network ABS-CBN, said it will deem as an offense if any of the employees found playing the game during office hours and also requested the Pokemon Go developer to eliminate government offices from the list.

Vietnam and Thailand have taken the same decision.

Maria Luisa Agamata, public assistance and information officer of the commission said,

“It affects work. Employees might not be able to fulfill their duties at that time,”

A building in the lawmakers’ complex and the Quezon City Hall, both at the heart of the capital Manila, are designated as the Poke Stops, a place where the players obtain new items.

The reality popular game was launched in the beginning of this month in the Philippines which is known as one of the quickest growing smartphone businesses in Asia.

A few days ago US banned the game on the grounds that it could raise the aims of hacking GPS.

Before this, the augmented game caused lots of damages like loss of lives and accidents.

Pokemon Go was made by Niantic with the association of an affiliate of Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd. The game needs GPS as to track the virtual characters. The players need to wander around the areas as to hunt virtual cartoon characters.