Phone Blast: Leaves 12-year-old Boy without One Eye & Index Finger – Images

Phone Blast: Leaves 12-year-old Boy without One Eye and Index Finger – Images: – As per media reports, in China, a 12-year-old boy said to be lost his right eye and his right index finger in a deadly mishap which involves his phone. As per a report of the Softpedia, the boy was using his phone and in that time the phone was in the charging.

The report comes from the Chinese media which claims that the phone was a dumb phone and it was not a real smartphone. Reportedly, the phone was a 2 years old ‘dumb’ phone namely Hua Tang VT-V59, made in China.

Phone Blast Leaves 12-year-old Boy without One Eye and Index Finger

Meng Jisu from Guangxi province was charging the phone at home and at the time when he was about to open the phone from the charger it was exploded badly, blowing off his index finger immediately and the little kid turns to be faint and unconscious.

Eventually, his sister found him on the floor afterward rushed him to the nearby hospital. Now at the emergency unit, the doctor reportedly removed shrapnel from his face and chest in a 5-hour surgery.

Some sharp plastic shrapnel were also removed from his right eye but this freak accident left partially blinded.

And this is also sad that his lost finger could not be reattached back to his hand, though, his finger was carried along to the hospital.

Doctors also said to the victim’s family that the finger would not be able to be attached anyways because the boy is suffered from several injuries.

The phone manufacturing company has not given any statement till now regarding the same.

Regarding this accident the little boy Hanghang said, he was using the old handset as an alarm when he woke up early for school afterward he usually plays with his phone and on that day also he did the same.

He said the phone felt hot and then blew up in his face, exposing part of his jawbone and embedding fragments in his arms and legs.

‘I played with the phone for a few minutes,’ he said.

‘The phone felt hot then it suddenly exploded and all I could see were my hands covered in blood and blood dripping from my face.

‘I used a towel to stem the blood and washed my hands under the tap then I called the ambulance.’

He said further and added: ‘It was the battery that exploded. I have heard my classmates talk about this happening but I never thought it would happen to me.’