Plenty of ₹50 per hour for vehicles abandoned on roadside, as per Bombay high court orders

Plenty of ₹50 per hour for vehicles abandoned on roadside, as per Bombay high court orders: If you have abandoned your broken-down vehicle on the roadside, then just be ready for paying a good amount of fine to the authorities. These abandon vehicles on the roadside results in leading traffic blocking or jamming.

Last week, the Bombay high court directed the government to issue orders to police stations across the state to carry out a fine of ₹50 an hour, as stated under Section 201 of the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, 1988, on possessors if their incapacitated or broken-down vehicles obstruct traffic in public places.

The section also authorizes administration authorities to charge and recuperate towing duties if such vehicles are removed by any governmental agency, such as the traffic police.

A division bench of justices such as Abhay Oka and AS Gadkari was hearing a public interest lawsuit filed by Tekchand Khanchandani, complaining of traffic flow scowls and violation of footpaths in Goregaon and Jogeshwari.

He pointed out as an example that how on both sides of Link Road, beginning at Hypercity Mall in Goregaon (West) and culminating at Oshiwara Bridge, there were violations of a February 2009 traffic police notification, which forced limits such as no parking, no halting, no U-turns as well as no right turns.

The bench give out the instruction after Khanchandani pointed out that even though Mumbai traffic police are taking out the abandoned vehicles from the roads but also a penalty, as specified under Section 201 of the MV Act, is not forced on the owners of such vehicles.

Taking note of an additional complaint upraised by Khanchandani, the court also headed for the state government to issue orders to police officers and authorities concerned to take anticipatory actions in contradiction of unlawful parking on roads where Metro work is going on. The construction work on the roads leads to contracting the road width further more and above that if such abandon vehicles are parked on these constructed roads then this will lead to more crowd and traffic jamming in many parts of the city.

The bench said police officers they should be more initiated to start severe and quick act in contrast to illegally parked vehicles and for this they must train their personnel in best way possible so that they can tackle such situation quickly. People are also advised to not park their abandon vehicles on the roads as it further made the traffic difficult for them only, so in order to avoid this people should take preventive measures from their too at first.