PM Modi 2016 Kerala Election Rallies Powerful Speech Against CPI & Congress

PM Modi 2016 Kerala Election Rallies PowerFul Speech Against CPI & Congress :-  Narendra Modi continuously aimed Communist Party of India CPI and Congress in their rallies. Modi is busy in his rallies in Kerala for 2016 Kerala Assembly elections. Prime Minister Modi is continuously accusing their Congress party and left parties in Kerala.2016_5$largeimg08_Sunday_2016_154209294 (2)

PM Modi asked the people of Kerala to think about their future. Modi accused LDF and UDF and said that both have failed to provide drinking water in Kerala for so many years.
Modi added that Congress and CPI covered each other’s corruption in the state.

There is no plenty of water in Kerala, but still people have to wait for drinking water, and they suffered from a shortage of water in their state. Both Congress and Communist Party have ruled there from so time, and even they are not concerned about providing drinking water to the public.

Modi asked them about the difference of BJP parties and the ruling party. Modi said that BJP had never failed to provide necessary things to public.

Modi stated that both Congress and LDF ruled on Kerala from last five years but didn’t work there, they believed in the policy of five years you rule and for another five years, we will rule.
Modi said that Kerala people should think if they need to change the current situation of Kerala.

Modi aimed and accused both parties on the matter of education system in Kerala. Modi added that these parties insulted the educated people of Kerala through their adjustment policies.
A new model of politics raised at Kerala by the parties. Modi called it a policy of compromise and corruption.

Modi said these all statements and line against the ruling parties in election meeting at Kasaragod. Well, let’s see which party is the people’s choice in Kerala and who could win the state?