PM Modi And Stephen Harper Arrive In Torronto

PM Modi And Stephen Harper Arrive In Torronto : Watch the latest news PM Modi And Stephen Harper Arrive In Torronto. This is the tour of our prime minster Narendra Modi and now on werdnesday, he will arrives at Torronto with canadian prime minister Stepehn.  Nowdays, Modi is visiting most of the places to get some  new knowledge and advise and put this in his our country India, and takes our country progress to the top of the world and make our india proud. PM Modi will also visit the Air India Memorial for the victims of the Air India Flight 182 that was bombed in 1985. He will attend a reception organised by the Indian community later in the evening.


PM Modi And Stephen Harper Arrive In Torronto

PM Modi And Stephen Harper Arrive In Torronto


PM Modi And Canadian PM Stephen Harper Arrive Torronto

1) PM Modi says this in his speech, I came here yesterday and I will go back tomorrow but I will never forget your affection. My experience of working with Canada has always been very good right from the time I was the Chief Minister in Gujarat.

2) Canadian PM Stephen Welcomed PM Modi witha fabulous Gun Salute and inspected a guard of honour. and Pm Modi also met with the cananidan governer David Johnston at his residendce Rideau Hall.

3) After the meeting with Canadian PM Stephen Harper, Modi also gives a million dollar deal to Canada for uranium to power India’s civilian nuclear programme for five years.

4) Our PM Narendra Modi Also said in his speech that Canada has a potential to be a partner with India to make new economic transformation and make India’s Polution control free and which is open, predictable, stable and easy to do business in.


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