PM: Narendra Modi Says India Will Do Well at Rio Olympic Games 2016

PM: Narendra Modi Says India Will Do Well at Rio Olympic Games 2016 :- The Rio Olympics is one the verge of getting its foot land on the soil of Brazil from August 12 and all the countries are hoping for a gold medal from their contender from different games.


Meanwhile, India has sent the names of their 119 sportspersons to participate in the Rio Olympics 2016 and the whole country wants them to perform well to bring the gold medal in their respective sports.

The latest to join this list is nonother the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. The man himself want all the sportsmen to perform well and also, announce that all the high-class facilities and help will be provided to all the 119 contestants who will represent India in this year’s Olympics.

Modi, who himself is very popular not in India, but also in the other parts of the countries is expecting that Indians sportsmen will be able to win the hearts of the people from across the world.

The Prime Minister told the media wing that ” I am sure that our sportsperson will do well at the upcoming Olympics and will be able to win the hearts of millions of the people across the world”.

Modi was present at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium while flagging off “Run for Rio.”

Prime Minister also shows his satisfaction on the selection of 119 names from the India. He told the reporters that” India has played in Olympics from last 100 years and it is the first time when we are sending 119 contestants to compete with the players from other parts of the world”.

He also told reporters that” We will invest around 30 lakhs to 1.50 crores on all the players”.

These words from our Prime Minister shows the amount of trust and confidence that he has on all the 119 Olympians and may be players will stand out on his confidence and will manage to win Medals in their respective sports.