#PMSpeaksToNetwork18: Watch exclusive interview of PM Modi with the group editor of Network18 – Rahul Joshi

New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with CNN-News 18 on Friday at 9 PM on 2nd September 2016, Prime minister Narendra Modi spoke to Rahul joshi who is group editor of Network 18 on several issues including economy, politics, kashmir violence and attacks on Dalit community.


Here are some points of the exclusive interview:

  • I never get tired of working. My work is my relaxation. The opposite tires me.
  • I always maintain that people of Kashmir need both trust and development. We will march on the path of trust and development.
  • We have to empower the poor to end poverty. Freedom from poverty can only come from empowerment. Education is the biggest tool of empowerment.
  • We need to committed to social justice.
  • Development is our only agenda and it will remain so. We need to empower the poor.
  • The black money stashed abroad belongs to the poor of the country. No one has the right to loot them. This my commitment.
  • Modi said that my motto is ‘short cut will cut you short’.
  • Direct benefit transfer is a big reform.
  • I believe in reform, perform and transform. We removed 1700 laws that were from 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Infrastructure work is grown rapidly, Electricity production also has gone up, and that happens when there is demand in the economy.
  • Political parties and the government have always worked hard form their own image. The image of this country is the 1.25 billion people. Modi’s identity must be lost in these 1.25 billion, There is no greater joy if than to be lost in history.

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If some one forgot or missed the interview of PM modi, there is no need to worry. One can see the repeat telecast of the interview. Here are the details given below:

On 3rd September – 9 AM, 2 PM and 9 PM on CNN-News 18

On 4th September – 9 AM, 12 PM and 3 PM on CNN-News 18

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See the video what PM Modi said on the issue of dalit:

#PMSpeaksToNetwork18 All those who have fed this country the poison of caste divide have destroyed this country:PM pic.twitter.com/BWq6uYWTxV

— News18 (@CNNnews18) 2 September 2016