Pokemon Go banned in Iraq becomes first country, May be soon in India also

Pokemon Go banned in Iraq becomes first country, May be soon in India also :- Though Pokemon Go has created a surge among the youth but its look like everything is not going well with this Augmented Reality app as Iran has become the first country ever to ban this game. The situation is quite ironical as many countries are desperately waiting for the launch and Iran has turn out to be one country which has banned the game altogether.

Pokemon Go

Iran’s High Council of Virtual space takes all the decision related to online activities and they have taken this decision. There are many countries who have criticized the game for being unsafe but Iran is the first company to boycott the game.

This ban comes right after when there was internet usage restriction and despite of this restriction people started the online discussion. Before prohibiting the game Iranian authorities also tried to get in contact with the game makers but when they find lack of cooperation from them they decided to go against them.

Iran is not the first country who has pointed out that this game is quite unsafe for the gamers and have asked the users to be cautious enough so as not to get trap in any accidental situation.

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The day this game has launched we have seen several deaths, accidents, criminal activities etc because players are becoming quite engrossed and hence careless. Authorities have criticized this game strongly.

India too became the victim of Pokemon Go:

Few days back, an accident happened in Mumbai because of this game only. In turn Mumbai Police came forward and asks all the users to not play this game while driving.

While in Indonesia, Police department itself has been asked not to play the game while they are on duty. There are many cases as well where the Pokemon players were so much involved in the game that they even crossed the borders.

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All the gaming fans and enthusiasts have different perception about this game. According to them, all the incidents didn’t happen because of this gaming app. They said instead of banning the game altogether, authorities can ask for stricter regulations.

But even this argument is not accepted by various religious entities, as according to them this game is not just unsafe but is unholy as well.

A fatwa has been issued by the top clerics in countries like Saudi Arabia, India etc. presuming the game in unholy and there can be many incidents that player enter the dargah or religious shrines at the time prayers are being performed.