Pokemon Go game! Here are all the 151 Pokemon monsters List

Pokemon Go game! Here are all the 151 Pokemon monsters List :- The world-famous free-to-play location-based augmented reality smartphone game “Pokemon Go” which is published the 151 Pokemon monsters in Pokemon Go game, where everyone extremely crazy about it and from a report, there is approximately 21 million active users daily of this trendy smartphone game and The complete list is accessible on the official ‘Pokemon Go‘ online website Pokedex.


It’s a smartphone game in which use the camera and GPS mode to catch all Pokemon and collect it from the outside of the home to decrease the homesickness and refresh you due to playing with this outside. Whenever you have moved into the society of Pokemon Go and began receiving the digital monsters.

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You need to know that where are a whole 151 Pokemon monsters that want to be found in “Pokemon Go”.


1. Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur can be seen outside in intense sunlight. There is a grain on its end and by covering up the sun’s beams, the roots becomes progressively longer.


2. Butterfree: A better understanding to hunt for good honey from wildflowers. It can also seek out, selection, and carry honey from flowers that are growing over six miles from its cradle.


3. Weedle: Weedle has a remarkably keen sense of scent. It is able of seeing its popular sets of leaves from those it hates just by smelling with its big nose.


4. Charmander: The fire that lights at the top of its tail is a sign of its sentiments. The fire wavers when Charmander is enjoying itself.


5. Squirtle: Squirtle’s shell is not only used for security. The shell’s rounded form and the scores on its outside help minimize friction in the water.


6. Caterpie: Caterpie has an insatiable hunger. It can eat leaves bigger than its body right ahead your eyes.


7. Kakuna: Kakuna lives practically still as it sticks to a tree. Yet, at the center, it is very busy as it plans for its future development.


8. Beedrill: Beedrill is remarkably territorial. Whenever provoked, they will attack in a violent crowd.


9. Pidgey: Pidgey has a notably excellent sense of direction. It is able of unerringly turning base to its nest, still, far it may be separated from its natural around.


10. Rattata: Rattata is careful in the last. Even while it is quiet, it regularly receives by running its ears about. It is not picky about wherever it exists.

The entire list is available on the official ‘Pokemon Go’ website Pokedex.