WOW! Pokemon Go Used By US Police To Catch The Criminals

WOW! Pokemon Go Used By US Police To Catch The Criminals :- Pokemon go has found yet another joinee which is none other than US Police. Yes you heard it right US Police will also be playing the most popular virtual augmented reality game but for a serious purpose i.e to catch the wanted criminals.


Recently Virginia Smithfield’s Police Department posted the same information on their facebook page. Apart from that a purple, smiling blob of a Pokemon is hanging in the processing room of the Police station. Along with it they have also issued the list of “random citizen eligible for this rare opportunity”. You will be shocked to know that these random citizens have pending arrest warrant against them.

Sgt Bryan Miller who is the Patrol Sargent and administrator of the Smithfield facebook page said that this post has the serious purpose. First reason is that through this they can engage with the community and other reason is that they can get some lead on the people who are wanted for the charges like trespassing or grand larceny.

Since the time the game has launched it has been the range among the users, Sgt also found quoting that they didn’t imagine that it will go this big. Just few weeks back only this game was launched and it managed to gain the number 1 spot in the app world. While playing this game one has to look for Pokemon and then have to catch them, these Pokemons can be hidden anywhere: streets, parks or other places.

Being a Small town Miller said it was comparatively easy to post the list of 8 citizens who were having pending warrants against them. Miller said that “he has great sense of humor” and he himself is a big fan of Pokemon go. Miller also added that he has also saw another Police department trying the similar thing and this is not the first instance when such thing has been done since the launch of the Pokemin Go game.

This is not the first time:
Two weeks ago, police department of New Hampshire did the similar thing with the help of a Pokemon named Charizard, though they didn’t find any lucky man who belongs to the list of the wanted criminal but they managed to nab one Pokemon and all thanks goes to the game Pokemon go.

A Man in Detroit cycled to the Police station and unfortunate for the man that the Police recognized him as the one of the criminals in their wanted list.