Police arrested a man for cultivating and selling “Ganja” in his house

Police arrested a man for cultivating and selling “Ganja” in his house :- A 33-year-old Hyderabad-based man has been arrested for cultivating and selling weeds. According to the reports, the local police arrested Syed Shahed Hussain from the Golconda in Hyderabad, Telangana for illegal cultivation and selling of Ganja.The Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police N Koti Reddy informed media wing that ” we have arrested this man for illegal cultivating the Ganja in his house and then selling it to the customers and earning the massive amount illegally.”

He further added that ” Syed was addicted to pot and one day he decided to cultivate it by himself. He learned the art of cultivating the Ganja, and soon, he arranged all the necessary things to grow it and spend around Rs. 3.5 thousand to grow one Kg of weed and sell it at Rs. 16000 per Kg.

Meanwhile, the local Police have seized 8.6 KG of Ganja, 40 Pots of Ganja Plants, a cash of Rs. 32,000 and a two wheeler from the house of Syed. The Police also mentioned that one foreigner helped Syed in learning the methods to grow Ganja plant and also, he watched few videos from the Youtube.

Syed is in custody, and now, he will be sentenced to the prison as per the judicial decision by the senior member of the Court.