Police complaint against Big B for singing ‘incorrect’ National anthem

Well, famous celebrity Amitabh Bachchan trapped in controversy and also in a big trouble and the reason is singing incorrectly the national anthem during the Twenty20 World Cup clash between India and Pakistan even at the time of this anthem Amitabh Bachchan didn’t know that he going to trapped in trouble but the truth is he is in big trouble form today.

Police complaint against Big B for singing ‘incorrect’ National anthem

A complaint was filed against this Big Bollywood superstar for singing incorrect national anthem he was in big trouble the complaint was filed at Ashok Nagar Police station at New Delhi and the reason is mention above.

The complaint was filed by short filmmaker Ullhas PR he said that Big B sang incorrect national anthem during the match. He finished national anthem in 1 Minute 10 second and Ullhas said that “the mandatory time is 52 seconds you can take 3 or four seconds more or less but Big B crossed the limit and that’s not good and its incorrect Ullhas told IANS.

Also Ullhas said that Big B used incorrect word during the National Anthem he used “Sindhu” and the right word is “Sindh” and that’s an incorrect singing. Now days it’s becoming trend in India when people disrespect our anthem and just after the news of Mumbai other disrespect news pops up.

Big B sang the national anthem on March 19 at the Eden Garden in Kolkata before the high-voltage match between Indi-Pak began and singing national anthem before match is a trend and in that both teams standup and respect each other countries while singing and big B did the same during this match he sang the anthem along with thousands at the sprawling stadium.

I think people didn’t even notice that mistake because of the high voltage match but Ullhas did now we can wait for the investigation also we have to wait what court going to say on this matter.