Pragya gets emotional! Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Tannu is crying Abhi enters and scolds her for planning against Pragya. Abhi is in a dilemma that either he is happy or sad? Tannu asks her to leave alone. She is that how those papers got her sign instead of Pragya.

Pragya gets emotional! Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Purab tells everyone that while the stealing incident they exchanged the papers and the lawyer in over confidence ruined Tannu and make her lost the bet. Pragya went to talk with Tannu. Tannu was folding her lehnga. Pragya offers her to leave peacefully, she will also help her. Tannu asks her to find proof against her then talk to her.

Abhi thinks that Pragya still loves him and he will make a confession from her. Meanwhile, Pragya enters and she got that something is serious. Abhi asks her to play a game with him. If she blinked her eyes that means she still loves him and if don’t that means she doesn’t love him.

Pragya intentionally lost the game to prove she doesn’t love him. But Abhi decides that he will not accept his failure. He tries to go close to her so that she will confess her love for him. But Pragya fire back on him and Abhi accepted his failure.

Pragya thinks she will soon expose Tannu and Aaliya thereafter they will be together forever. Dadi is relieved now as Abhi’s marriage got cancelled.

Next morning, Aaliya and Tannu are thinking how the papers got exchanged. Nikhil came there and argues with them. He says because of them they lost the chance and he also lost his chance. Nikil said that he will accept Pragya’s offer. Aaliya asks him to do what he wants and asks him to leave.

Dadi is angry with Pragya as she always thinks negative and loses hope. She always needs to encourage her without that Pragya will lose everything. Pragya apologizes for this.


Tannu got a call from Neil. She tells Tannu that she got corporator call. Pragya brings coffee for Abhi. He asks why she brings him coffee. Is she Mogambo or Fuggi? Only a wife brings coffee for his husband.