Praja is upset for Ram’s Vanvaas! Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

In the last night episode of the spiritual TV series “Siya Ke Ram” it has been shown that Ram, Sita and Laxman went ahead towards the Vanvaas. The Mahadev said that Ram leaves his family and all luxurious things for Dharma protection. He is great. Bharamdev said Ram to accept the Vanvas as it is the Devta’s decision. Salute to him. Praja started crying to see Ram, Laxman and Sita are in way to leave the Ayodha.

Praja is upset for Ram's Vanvaas! Siya Ke Ram 26th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Praja said to Ram that they don’t want Ram to go for the Vanvas. They sat there. Ram requested to stand up to them. A little boy said to Ram not to go for Vanvas. But Ram said to them that I will go for the Vanvaas by which Bharat will became King of the Ayodha and it is my duty to take care of the whole Sansaar (World). Bharath tried to stop Ram but Ram requested Bharath to let him go and Bharath said he can’t dismiss his elder brother’s Ram’s command.

Now the Jawali Rishi comes there. He asked Ram why he is asking for permission. This is an injustice. You are actually covering the mistake of Kaikeyi’s by full filling the Kaikeyi’s anger and greed. You are making Kaikeyi’s plan succeed. A woman who keeps these kinds of wish is not a mother. She is a selfish woman and by full filling her this wish you are actually promoting these kind of greed Ram.

Ram said sorry to Jawali and also said he can’t listens any wrong words about his Mata Kaikeyi. And Ram said he never differentiates between his three Matas. All are equal for him. The Rishi said to Ram that everyone dies alone then why you care for every relation and Ram said about this for him the relationship is the immortal.

Now the Rishi said to the Ram that you are about to full-filling your mother Kaikeye’s wish by going in the Vanvaas but in the Vanvaas your life will not be easy as there you have to face lots of the troubles and pain.

Ram said he is okay for everything as right now he is keen to full filling his mother’s wish as for him his mother’s wish is like a command of the god and he is keen to full fill that as it is blessings for him. Now when Ram is about to leave for the Vanvaas with the Laxman and Sita, it is now the Praja wants to go with him.

Ram is shocked to hear so and looked an. Will Ram will be able to stop the Praja to go in the Vanvaas with him. Stay tuned for the more updates of the mythological TV series “Siya Ke Ram”!