Pregnant woman allegedly gang-raped in Gurugram, dumped in a secluded spot

Pregnant woman allegedly gang-raped in Gurugram, dumped in a secluded spot: On Friday, the 3 unidentified persons were booked, for allegedly raping a pregnant woman. The woman stays in a rented accommodation with her husband in a village in Manesar.

Pregnant woman allegedly gang-raped in Gurugram, dumped in a secluded spot

The victim said to the Gurugram police that she had taken a shared auto-rickshaw on 21st May, the afternoon after visiting ESIC hospital in Manesar. She said the alleged people, were riding the same auto, shoved a tablet down her throat after which she lost her consciousness and got faint.

The victim said that after she regained her consciousness, she realized she had been dumped in an isolated place and her clothes were torn. As per various media reports, She said she also felt a lot of pain in her private parts and realized that she has been raped.

On Friday, because of her complaint on Friday, a case was registered against the accused at Manesar women’s police station. The accused were booked under section 376D of the IPC.

The police said the matter is being probed and alleged people will be caught very soon.

In a similar incident also took place on 2017, a woman, who had taken a lift in a shared auto in Manesar, was raped, three men.

The victim, who comes from the Uttar Pradesh, told police that she contacted her husband with the help of a passerby. She said she called her husband to her workplace saying that she was not feeling well so her husband took her to the ESIC hospital. She said after visiting the doctor, her husband asked her to take a shared auto as she was 3-months pregnant and her husband rides a bicycle to reach the home.

“My husband got me home around 8 pm after the incident. I was in a lot of pain and over the next two days, there was a lot of bleeding from my private parts. I was taken to ESIC hospital on May 23, but the doctors there referred me to a private hospital,” the victim told police.

“A case has been registered and the matter is under investigation,” Ravinder Kumar, PRO, Gurugram police, said.

In another incident, two senior officials of an IT company were booked after a former executive lodged a complaint alleging physical and mental harassment.