Shocking: Pregnant Woman Kills 6 Year-old Son in Kerala, ‘Please God’ Police

The shocking news is coming from the Kerala state that a 30 years old pregnant woman brutally killed her 6-year-old son by slitting his throat early on Sunday at her house in Polakkad, Kerala, to conciliate God through the atoning offering, the investigator said.

Pregnant Woman Kills 6 Year-old Son in Kerala]

Pregnant Woman Kills 6 Year-old Son in Kerala

According to the police, the investigators found a woman name “Shahida” who killed her son to sacrifice God by his death. The pregnant moment called 112 emergency control room in Polakkad around 3 to 4 AM on Sunday. She told the police that she sacrificed his son to Please Allah.

When the police reached the spot, they saw her at the main gate. Police also found some injury on her hand and rushed towards the bathroom. They found a child in a pool of blood and his throat was slash and his child’s legs tied.

The pregnant woman has taken into custody. The incident happened late at night at 4 AM. The victim of this case, the youngest three children of the women were sleeping with her in the bedroom. She woke up one of them and brought in the washroom, tied his legs, and killed him.

His husband (Sulaiman) was sleeping in another room and their younger children. Shahida is in custody and police charged her under section 302 (Murder). The investigation has been inaugurated.

Her husband said that he was unaware of this situation of his wife. Shahida is a teacher in Madrasa which is nearby to his home. Sulaiman was employed at Gulf and now, working as a  taxi driver in the town.

The Superintendent of Police, R. Vishwanath said,” The FIR says what the mother told the police. We can arrive at a conclusion whether that was indeed the reason or whether there are any other reasons, only after a thorough investigation”.

The police said that the Law’s will taken on the incident and Shahida’s neighbours told to police that Shahida took the contact number of the Janamaithri Police Station from them in a few days ago.

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