Prem Getting Married With Chandra! Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Prem Getting Married With Chanda! Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2016 Episode Written Update – The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” Chandra is shocked to know that it is Prem is against of her as well Prem is being aware of the Chandra’s reality, so Prem is await to give his nod to marry Chandra. This is actually Prerna reveals the reality of Chandra to the Prem and in front of his eyes. So Simar say thanks to Prerna and Prerna hugs her.

sasural simar ka

Now suddenly Chandra comes there and says that Prerna you did wrong by going against me. Now Chandra said that, you will now have to pay for it. Chandra also threatened Prerna that Chandra is going to punish her and now Simar and Prerna are also shocked to hear so.

But Prerna had been seen dare devil in the front of the Chandra, so Chandra warned her that something ferocious will be now happening with you. So Prerna try to seek forgiveness for Chandra and pledge for the same but Chandra holds Prerna and dragged her under the screen.

Simar is anxious and shocked and wonder, what will now Chandra doing with Prerna, suddenly Prerna and Chandra appeared in the screen in front of the Simar and Simar is stunned to see that, Chandra is making Prerna introduced with the Mata Jee as a maid.

Now Prerna started working in Mata Jee’s house in Chanda’s world. Chanda asked Prerna to serve the food to the Mata Jee, Prerna did that. Somehow, Prerna argued with Sid and Sid pointed gun on her head. In fact, Mata Jee also scolded Prerna and ordered her to seek apology to the Sid.

In today’s episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” it will be shown that Chanda will move to Prem in her world and will sit just beside to him. Chanda will ask her that is he thinking of the girl of photograph. Prem will say that I think I have seen her. And I know her but Chandra will be seen manipulating Prem by showing him news paper.

The paper was full of news of Simar in which it was mention that she is a girl who tells her sad story stated that Simar is a con girl and she used con people and steal their money, Prem said oh, then if I ever see this girl, I will be handover her to the police as she is a thief. Chandra smiles in her evil look and show her inner tantrum.