Prem pushes simar away! Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2016 Episode Written Update

The last episode of the serial “Sasural Simar Ka” started with, Mata ji was point gun at Simar and says it is now time to finish you as you always put me in the trouble. Simar tries to explain the reality to the Mata Ji that she is Simar, but all goes in vain as Mata Ji, is in no mood to believe so as right now, Mata Ji is in the clutch of the Chandra Maani.

Prem pushes simar away! Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Mata Ji shoots Simar and Simar had been seen crying but suddenly light gone and when, the light has come, the entire, Bharadwaj family is shocked to see that Simar is disappeared. Mata Ji yells and said we need to kill Simar and Sid says, don’t worry, very soon, I am going to find Simar and I will be killing her.

Now Prerna said to the Simar, that, thank god, I am come in the right time and switch of the light, unless, Mata Ji definitely going to kill you. Simar said she is very worry for the Mata Ji and the Bharadwaj family, how she is going to save her family.

Prerna said now to the Simar that thank fully, she listen the conversations, of Sid and Mata Ji and their planning to kill you and thankfully I arrived right time, in order to save you. Now suddenly, Chandra come and warned Simar that she is going to end Simar’s life.

The Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) to take place in the coming days, so Chandra said to Simar and that time, I am going to marry Prem forever and he will be mine forever and you will be dying. Simar said, you can’t be more powerful than Mata Raani and your evil power will be finish by the Mata Rani with her sacred power.

Chandra said to the Simar, so you are challenging me, I will show you lesson now. Simar is shocked and scared to hear so. Now Mata Ji said to the Amar that Prem has been kept hidden in the farm house, he will be only coming on the day of his wedding as he needs to marry on Chandra.

And Chandra also said to the Simar, very soon, I am going to marry Prem and you won’t be able to do anything. You can try but you can’t stop me from tying knot with Prem. Simar said me and Prem Ji, is one soul and I know, Prem Ji will be ultimately coming to me. Now Simar stares Chandra.

Precap: Amar is driving car with Prem, Amar stops car and goes to bring water, Simar sits in car and drives away, Prem sees her in car and screams at Simar. Simar try to explain to Prem but Prem pushes her away from the running car and Simar fall down. Prem is stunned!