Mani Want’s Power Back! Sasural Simar Ka 13th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Mani Want’s Power Back! Sasural Simar Ka 13th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :-  The last night episode of the TV series Sasural Simar Ka begins with Chandra Maani is busy planning something and Sid is sitting alone and he is drinking juice. And Prerna arrives now there with a bowl of Kheer, the Bharadwaj family is busy seeing the scene from the backside of door.

Sasural Simar Ka episode written update

Sasural Simar Ka episode written update

It is actually, Chandra Maani add something in the Kheer and compel Prerna to feed the same to Sid but Prerna do not want to do so and she is but compel to do so, then so Prerna use her brain and throw the Kheer.

Sasural Simar Ka Episode Written Update

Family is happy as now Sid has not to eat the same and Sid goes to change the dress. Chandra Maani arrive there and she scolded Prerna as she fail to feed him the same Prerna seek apology from her but Chandra Maani said that she already add the material in the juice. Now Sid will be see Prerna everywhere.

The Bharadwaj family appear now and Prerna said that Sid already took the material but the whole Bharadwaj family decided to defeat Chandra Maani by being together and they join hands now. Now the Bharadwaj family including Prerna arrives in the outside of the room of Sid to see that Chandra Maani is busy kidnapping him.

The Bharadwaj family and Prem run to save Sid but all goes in vain as till then Chandra Maani already gone with Sid but the real Simar who is a bee already following Chandra Maani in order to save Sid from her clutch as when the Bharadwaj family join hands to defeats Chandra Maani, the real Simar also join them.

And real Simar now who is a bee compel the driver of Chandra Maani to stop the car as she went there and she disturbs the driver by biting him. And now Mata Ji arrives and she grab and Mata Ji also warn Chandra Maani to stay away from the Bharadwaj family.

Chandra Maani is shocked and scared now. Chandra Maani also realise that it is no one else Simar saved Sid. But fake Simar is now in plan to arrive in the Bharadwaj house again.