Prerna stops Jhanvi! Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Prerna stops Jhanvi! Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2016 Episode Written Update: The last week episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” begins with Maani says I feel like what you have done today and Maani also asked to the Simar that if you did something wrong to me, I will change the story of the Bharadwaj family and this time story will be more worst and dangerous one for your family.

Prerna stops Jhanvi! Sasural Simar Ka 25th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Meanwhile, Mata Ji asked to the Prem that are you ready for the wedding, Sid says about the girl that Prem have you seen your future wife. Prem said I don’t want to see that girl and you guys are compelling me for wedding, this is you guys are dong sin. Sid now went near Prem and said that don’t dare to speak in front of me. I am your elder brother, so my decision will be final for you. Sid also holds Prem’s neck and collar.

Mata Ji asked Sid to calm down and asked about Prem that today is his marriage just spares him. And Mata Ji asked Amar to take Prem inside. Amar also asked to Prem to just get married to Maani as she is a beautiful rich girl. In the mean time, Prem once catches the glimpses of the Simar and he asked to Amar now who was she.

Amar said to Prem do you know her, Prem said no I don’t know her but I think I am having some kind of affection with her. My heart think so, Simar breakdown in tears by knowing this and asked to the Chandra Maani, despite if you marry with Prem Ji, you can’t connect with his hearts.

Now Jhanvi already we know kidnapped Sujata to save her life from the Evil people of the Bharadwaj family, but Bharadwaj family did some conspiracy against Janvi and they call police there. The Bharadwaj family also stated to the media and police that it is Jhanvi is there to kidnap Sujata. So police now arrived in the hospital in order to arrest Jhanvi.

Now Simar prayed to god to break the Maya Jaal of illusion and somehow Prerna manged to bring Sujata in the Bharadwaj house and she somehow managed to take Sujata from Jhanvi. Simar also asked to the Prerna that we can’t take Maa to the hospital; you have to do the treatment here. Prerna said oaky, and Simar also informed to the Jhanvi that Sujata is safe in the Bharadwaj house when Jhanvi call her.

Precap: Chandra Maani asked Jhanvi in order to save your’s and your’s mom’s Sujata’s life; you have to kill the Bharadwaj family. Jhanvi is shocked and about to do the same but stopped by Prerna.