Tokyo Olympics 2020: President Yoshiro Mori Step Down From His Position Over Sexist Remarks

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics organising committee President, Yoshiro Mori, has been said to step down from his position this year, as per to the latest news report. The news of his stepping down from his President post was reported on Thursday and the reports are suggesting that the reason for his act is due to over sexist remarks made by him in the board meeting.

President Yoshiro Mori Step Down From His Position

President Yoshiro Mori Step Down From His Position

All this started last month when Yoshiro Mori at a Japanese Olympic Committee board meeting made a remark about women that they “talk too much”. After he made this remark, not only he faced criticism in his homeland Japan, but also all across the world.

As per to the Reuters, Fuji News Network as well as public broadcaster NHK has recently released a new report that Mori, 83, is now stepping down from his high ranking position. In the meantime, the Mainichi newspaper has also stated in the latest report that Mori was likely to converse his will to leave the post on Friday when the other Tokyo Olympics board executive members are due to meet to debate on his sexist remark that was made earlier this month.

His sudden resignation has raised many questions and new doubts regarding the possibility of hosting the Olympics after this year. However, some reports are suggesting that Saburo Kawabuchi, who is the president of the Japan Football Association along with the mayor of the Olympics village, may possibly replace Yoshiro Mori for this president spot.

In the intervening time, the outgoing President of the Tokyo Olympics organising committee didn’t agree on this report nor denied it, as of now. They have also refused to make any further comment regarding the same. So, nothing is official yet, until the committee agrees upon such reports to be true.

The conference where he made such remark on women was held in the month of February after his which Mori pull out his remark, recognizing that it was unsuitable as well as against the Olympic essence. However, he did not propose to resign from his position at that time.

Though the committee didn’t make any remark on this report, but Mizuho Fukushima, who is the head of the opposition Social Democratic Party, remarked on this Mori’s designation report and said that the “News is that Mori is going to resign.” He added this step by Mori is due to the “many, many women raising their voices.” He concluded his remark by saying that this resignation doesn’t resolve the issue, however, we need to make a gender equality society in all the places as well.

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