Price of diesel and petrol hiked By 83 Paise/Litre and Diesel By Rs 1.26/Litre

Price of diesel and petrol hiked By 83 Paise/Litre and Diesel By Rs 1.26/Litre : The government increased the petrol and diesel price on Monday. The rate will be effective after the midnight on Monday. So petrol prices are hiked by 83 Paise/Litre, and By Rs, 1.26/Litre increases the diesel.


It is the second time when Government increases the rate of diesel and petrol this month. Indian Oil Corporation said that petrol in Delhi would be cost at 63.02 per liter while diesel will be cost 51.67.

Petrol prices were increased at the beginning of this month on May 1 by Rs 1.06 per liter. The rate of diesel was also raised by Rs 2.94 a liter. On May 1st. Now it is the second time in this month when petrol and diesel prices are increasing.

It will surely effect on the Common man’s pocket. According to sources, the current level of international product prices of petrol and diesel and the rupee-US Dollar exchange rate warrant and this is the main reason behind increasing in price of petrol and diesel.

Indian consumers are affected by this price revision.
The country’s largest fuel retailer also accept this fact. It’s bad news for everyone. The movement of prices will be remained to continue if the rupee-dollar exchange rate continues to be monitored closely.

It’s a matter of concern for every person. The government should think about it and look into the matter. They should take some steps so that the rates of petrol and diesel will be controlled.

So now it is final that Petrol in Delhi will cost Rs 63.02 per liter from midnight Monday and on the other hand diesel will cost Rs 51.67, from the midnight of Monday. But the main question is what if the rates of petrol and diesel will continue every month?