Priest killed in French church, 92 killed by knifeman, two attackers dead

France: Two men shot dead by the France police. They took several hostage in Normandy region of northern part of France. The motive behind the hostage is unclear till now.


In the Tuesday morning the police said that two men armed with knives took hostages in a church in northern France.

According to police sources, at least one hostage, a priest was killed in this incident.

According to Reuters, Four to six people were held in the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near the town of Rouen in the Normandy region.

The interior ministry  of France said that the two hostage-takers had been neutralized by the France police.

Some media reports told that the priest had been beheaded by the attacker but local police said that the priest was knifed to death in the church.

There were lot of parishioner in the church in the morning when the two assailants attacked on the church.

No confirmation about the knifemen, whether they related to terror group or not. According to Le Figaro, the attackers was bearded and was wearing a woolen cap which is worn by Muslim men.

Less than a year, there are many terror attack occurred in France including Nice attack earlier in this month that killed 84 innocent people.

All attack on France have been claimed by the ISIS terror group.