Prime Minister Narendra Modi is upset over Kashmir media coverage

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is upset over Kashmir media coverage : The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi getting to much upset over the Kashmir media coverage and use the hero-honor kinds word for the Hizbul Mujahideen main commander Burhan Wani, The Prime Minister has further ordered over a twelve cases recorded against Wani, most of which were dangerous in life under the Criminal Activities Prevention Act.

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Where Prime Minister Modi is said, to have forwarded his unhappiness across the media coverage of extreme protests in Kashmir state, where following the killing of Burhan Wani telling the Hizbul Mujahideen protester has been defined as a “hero”.

Also, Prime Minister Modi at the conference he assembled on Tuesday to examine the circumstances starting in Jammu and Kashmir after Burhan Wani’s murder in an encounter.

From the statement, Where in the conference, followed by Union Ministers and other leaders, the Prime Minister has presented a detailed announcement about terrorist Burhan Wani. the encounter, following demonstrations and killing of a police constable.
According to the reports , The Prime Minister Modi was supposed to have revealed ‘unhappiness’ over the media coverage of Kashmir condition relating an Army, who was included in terror activities and was working for destroying the country, and media described as “hero” .
Prime Minister Modi has also called for that twelve cases registered on Burhan Wani, biggest of which under the Criminal Activities Prevention Act in India. The meeting also checked the Rs 80,000 crore financial load declared by the NDA cabinet for Jammu and Kashmir.

And in the conference, Where the International Secretary S Jaishankar advised Prime Minister Modi on Pakistan’s answer to Burhan Wani’s death.

Also including the report, Which is issued by Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the statement by their Foreign Service and pick of Indian High Commissioner Gautam Bambawale by International Office in Islamabad.

While From the report’s, the Home Ministry was depressed over the condition in Kashmir in the next two days and further 13 July is a celebration day because of it’s known as “martyrs day” in Kashmir state and also Friday is known as ‘jumme ki namaz’.

The department of the Secret agencies have reported, that Pakistan is helping that organization, Who have been working to encourage violence in the Kashmir for next few days.