Prince Narula Is Serial killer Bigg Boss 9 16th December 2015 Episode Murder Mystery Task Result

Prince Narula Is Serial killer Bigg Boss 9 16th December 2015 Episode Murder Mystery Task Result : In the controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 9” we saw last night the “Luxury Budget Task” introduced which is known as “Murder Mystery” in which the house mates have to kill each other by not making them knowing. We saw that Prince Narula is the winner and the rest of the house is victim. Rishabh Sinha and Mandana are the detective but Mandana is detective nobody know it. In the yesterday Prince has managed to kill one house mate but Gisele, by kissing on her cheeks.

Prince win murder mystery task.

Day 66 Prince Narula Is Serial killer! Bigg Boss 9 16th December 2015 Episode Murder Mystery Task Result

Bigg Boss 9 16th December 2015 Episode

Suyyash and Rishabh have already identified him as the killer. When they asked to Prince, Prince denied everything still Rishabh is being skeptical with Prince. Actually, firstly in the night Prince tried to kill Mandana by stealing her clothes but he fail to do so. So, finally Prince killed Giselle and “Bigg Boss” announced it.

After her death as per the rules of game Giselle who is died as per the game, she has to stay in the Coffin till the next announcement of “Bigg Boss”. Priya makes her reached to the Coffin. Giselle is not at all happy to be murdered and she discuss with Suyyash and Rishabh that, Prince is the Murderer.

Anyway, in tonight episode it will be shown that Prince will be enter in the kitchen where Mandana founded cooking. It will be Day 66 story in which Prince raised his voice against Mandana and argued with her. Mandana ignore her but that is not worthy enough.

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Prince literally mess up the kitchen throw the vegetables’ which Mandana cut. Mandana started crying seen this. Gradually, “Bigg Boss” announced another murder took place in the house. So, now it’s clear that Prince was doing all these things with the motive of murder. Rishabh also involved in the fight.

Next scene showcase that “Bigg Boss 9” announces the judgmental day and its judgment. A popular TV reporter will be arriving in the show to solve the Murder Mystery. Priya took Rochelle’s name as the killer, while Rishabh took Prince. Rishabh was right. So, he nominated for captaincy.

Due to Prince can’t succeed in doing 5 murders, he only able to killed 4 people he got no power. The reporter guest will be also creates a court and will be announce the result. Moreover, he also takes interview of the housemates.

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