Pro Tips to Ace the Placement Interview

Companies start pouring in by the end of the third semester in almost all the MBA colleges in Delhi. The placement season brings with itself a zillion of feelings amongst students who have given more than 100% in the past semesters to make it big in their life. Every student aims at making it to their dream company, and every company aims at picking the best and the most prepared from the lot. Preparing early and staying ahead of every contender surely brightens the chances of getting selected from any of the top employers.  


Here are a few tips that will help any MBA student ace the placement interview like a pro. Take a look!

Work on Your First Impression

Believe it or not, your first impression will take you a long way. From looking well-groomed and sharp to smelling good, you should work on every aspect of your personality to leave a lasting impression. On the other hand, reaching the interview hall a minimum of 15 minutes early will keep away worries, and you will feel more confident about the interview. Before you enter the interview room, turn off your phone, take a few deep breaths to relax. Greet everyone on the panel and keep nervousness away from your face. Don’t slouch, look directly into the eyes of the interviewers while answering the questions. Body language is as vital as a groomed look.

Read and Research Well About the Company

It’s impressive for the employers to know that the candidate knows the company well and has done their homework in reading the history and achievements. In addition, it also shows your interest in joining the company. From going through the official website of the company to reading articles posted by them, do it all for a thorough knowledge of the company, its aim and future goals.

Know Your Interviewers

Knowing the background and work history of the interviewers is as essential as knowing the company. Look around the internet and see if anyone of them have a recent publication on any relevant topic that you may bring up during the interview to score a few more marks on your preparedness. Make sure you read all the sections of the publication well to stay prepared for any cross-questioning.

Tailor Your Resume

Your resume should be tailored according to the position you are applying for. The flow of the resume should highlight your latest achievements and skills to convey them well to the interviewing panel. In addition, if you have taken someone else’s help in preparing your resume, be sure of knowing what all information is mentioned on it. You should have a story and explanation backed with every point mentioned. Furthermore, include everything that is tangential to your job search.

Ask Questions

After the interviewers are done digging about your skills, in the end, they might want to know if you have any questions about the position or the company. Never let this opportunity go. From asking who will you be working with, what will be your core area of function to inquiring about the future goals of the organisation, question everything that comes to your mind. This approach will make you look savvy, proactive and confident.

Final Words!

If you are studying with any of the top MBA colleges in Delhi like BML Munjal University, you will get an opportunity to showcase your talent in front of some top companies. So, be sure to be prepared, all decked up and focused during the interview season to grab the best offer. Showcasing professional approach will definitely help you remembered as a quality candidate, even if you don’t end up getting the job.  

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