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Producing your own horse tips

Due to horse racing being so popular among the country’s punters, there’s not only loads of reasons to get involved, but also plenty of factors which make for successful horse tips. This is something that must only ever be done responsibly but once you know your limits, it can be massively enjoyable, making sense of why it’s celebrated so much throughout the UK.black-horse

All of the top tipsters possess specific reasons for their success and by following these rules, you will at least stand a chance of backing your own reliable horse tips. Learning the basics of betting on horse racing, the ins and outs of the sport, and how each horse racing market works is key. One site that can help out with this is The Winners Enclosure, who provide their own horse tips, as well as offering in-depth analysis of every horse, every race and every racecourse.

What does a good tipster look like?

One of the first things you’ll notice about a successful tipster is their sheer level of activity on their social media channels. For those who want to get followers involved in their own horse tips, keeping in contact with them is crucial, so they’ll eventually come back for more horse racing bets every day of the week. This is another reason why sites like The Winners Enclosure run their own NAP of the Day page, as it’s something constant that followers love to check out every morning.

Punters who are actively looking to have a bet on the horses need to be able to rely on the tipster they’re following, so transparency is needed from day one. This includes the winning bets and the losing bets which come from their horse tips, so all of the more trusted tipsters will openly publish when their bet wins or lose, regardless of how foolish it might make them look.

Your own horse tips and predictions

For coming up with your own horse tips and recommended bets, it’s best to check out the races taking place in a given day and researching the form and statistics surrounding every horse. When you see a nag that you think is worth betting on, shop around for the best bookmaker odds from all of the bookies you can find online, and make sure you’re backing it at the strongest possible odds.

If you want more help on working out the strength of your chosen tip, you can always compare it to the current horse tips on TWE, as that can be an indication of how strong it isbased on their wealth of knowledge surrounding the sport and how to bet on it. Your bet might not be the same pick as theirs’, but it will at least show you who they’re backing in a specific race, which could be insightful for a newcomer.