Pros and cons of going to college

It’s not a secret that for some high school seniors it can be a real dilemma to decide if they should go to school next year or not. Of course, when you are only 17 or 18 years old, it’s not always so easy to make such a difficult decision, especially if you already work somewhere, and cannot realize if you have to continue to work there and earn more money, or to stay in school and get a degree to receive more work opportunities in the future.


In this article, we have gathered some reasons you should go to college, and other reasons why you may not go. All people are different, and there is no one standard decision for them. That’s why you should read the article and try to define if getting a degree is your cup of tea or not.

Why you should continue studying:

  1. If you don’t have any work experience, but you already decide where you want to work, and you have chosen a position that requires a degree. Then, of course, you should continue studying and getting a degree to reach your goal.
  2. Think about your goals in the career. We all have different views on it; some people feel great while working on one position for the entire life, when others dream to build a great career to move high. If you choose the second variant, then it’s probably would be wise to earn a degree before starting making your career.
  3. Remember that if you will get a degree, this is your chance to earn more in the future. According to statistics, people with higher level of education make more money compared to others. Plus, you will be able to stay employed when people without a degree may stay jobless for some time.
  4. Studying in school and getting a degree will allow you to make contacts with many people, in other words, to build a professional network that will be very useful in your future.
  5. You may choose career options being in school. It’s possible to take classes out of your main specialty, so you may be interested in something else you never paid attention before. So, while you are in school, it’s possible to pursue another career.
  6. You can get a lot of useful skills. Usually, college graduates have a good self-discipline, they are punctual, intelligent, and their children are more likely to graduate a college too. College teaches students to make various decisions in life, improves communication skills, and makes you a well-educated person.

How to understand school is not for you?

  1. You already know what career you want, and this job doesn’t require getting a degree. So, you should concentrate on your work instead of wasting time for things you don’t need.
  2. If you are a party person, and you love school only for hanging out with new friends and going to night clubs instead of write my high school essay, then you should review your goals. Of course partying in school is great, but the main goal of this institution is to give people quality education and value their knowledge on exams.
  3. If you have made your decision to go to college just because of the one reason: your parents told you it’s necessary for you, stop and think. Of course, if you eventually agree with them, it’s fine, but if you think this is not you want and need in your life, try to convince them in your opinion. Some people go to school and get a degree just because their parents forced them to it, but later they regret about their “wasted” time a lot.

Remember that there are not “wrong” and “right” things in choosing to continue studying in college or no. But it’s very important to make your own decision, but not because someone told it to you or because your best friend did this way. You build your life only by yourself, and we hope you will be able to reach all goals you set.