PTron Power banks: Unbelievably Thin and Compact 3000mAh

PTron Power banks: Unbelievably Thin and Compact 3000mAh : Ever heard of a power bank that is equivalent to credit card in terms of size and can be easily squeezed in your wallets, amazing right? Looking at the necessity of the users to carry the power banks wherever they go, a Hyderabad based e-seller has launched a power bank with the name PTron Gusto. USP of PTron Gusto is that it is one of the most compact power banks we have ever seen.


We all are afraid of the situation when our smart phone goes dead and we have to look for either charger or power point. Power bank gave a solution to this problem but we have a problem of carrying them if in case we are not having a bag or anything like that. has come with a power bank which is hardly thicker than credit card and weighs just 50grams.

You must be thinking that if its size is equivalent to that of credit card then it won’t offer much power capacity. Astonishingly this power bank proffers 3000mAh battery capacity at 5V and 1A. it can be easily used to charge you smart phone, tablet, music players etc.

Along with this power bank one gets a USB charging cable and a retractable charging USB cable to charge android phones. If you use an iPhone or iPod then Gusto has a solution for this problem also as it boards port for both iPhone and iPods.

It can easily charge an iPhone 6S within 1.5 hours while Galaxy S5 can be charged within 3 hours. Because of its sleek and compact design it can easily fit into the credit card compartment of your wallet. It has embedded connectors and built in USB cable to connect all kind of smart phones, iPhones etc.

This device comes with 6 months of manufacturer’s warranty and if in case you pay in advance for this device then one can avail discount as well. It is available in white color and can be bought at the price of just INR 599. This power bank is available on the website of

Key features:

  • Available in white color
  • Equivalent to size of a credit card
  • Weighs just 50 grams
  • Delivers 3000mah capacity
  • Charge iPhone 6S within 1.5hours and Galaxy S5 within 3 hours
  • Can power all kind of smart phones
  • Includes embedded connectors and built-in USB cable
  • Priced at INE 599