PUBG addictions lands Fitness Trainers in Hospital

PUBG addictions lands Fitness Trainers in Hospital: Reports are coming from the Jammu & Kashmir where a fitness trainer who grew addiction to PUBG game within a span of 10 days ended up in a hospital. Sources are saying that he is being treated for the severe injuries. Also, the reports are coming that he started hitting and harmony himself by blows after completing a round of the game. Also, the Doctors are saying that he is currently not in a very good mental condition.

Now, you all might be aware of this amazingly trending mobile game PUBG. You all should know that the game is quite hyped now and everyone is talking about it. Reports suggested that students and mostly teenagers are being addicted to this action, killing, and adventures game. Even, the reports have suggested that the game isn’t good for the students as it takes all their efforts and focus.

This virtual Chicken Dinner isn’t going to help anybody anyhow.  You all might know that there are many online games like that. Yes! We aren’t saying that PUBG is one and only game but it is quite popular. Now, this shocking incident of a Fitness trainer from Jammu is a prime example that things aren’t good as we expected.  It is quite depressing to know that within a span of 10 days he ended up in a hospital.

Also, the Doctor has suggested that he is completely under the influence of the game and is still unconscious. Also, the people who are living in J&K has decided to ban this game and they write an application to the governor. Some reports are coming that the various people love enjoying PUBG and it is a multi-player online gaming and PubG. We think the people are quite addicted to this game and not just in India. They are playing this game in whole worldwide.